“on fire”

onfire“He’s on fire”. That’s one term that you want to hear or say if you watch a game of basketball, because you know you are watching something exciting. What ever, I thought it would be a nice ambigram and my first basketball related post here at Slambigrams.

I wanted a strong, dynamic and dirty look and decided to go with “on fire” – short and on point. The letter-combinations made it easy for me to keep everything simple and to find a strong typographic style.


on fire (Alt. Version)

on fire (Alt. Version)

on fire (Detail)

on fire (Detail)

4 Responses to ““on fire””
  1. Nikita Prokhorov says:

    Nicely done Bjorn!!

  2. slambigrams says:

    Thank you Nikita πŸ™‚

  3. Great ambigram! I like the coloured version more. πŸ™‚

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  1. […] Today is one of these days. I did my daily news-check and realized that i am the news, lol. “on fire” is featured at Abduzeedos Typography Mania […]

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