Monkeys, i like ’em. For example the three wise monkeys, Michael Jacksons Monkey Bubbles or the 12 monkeys.  Oh, that was a movie – but a great one!

I tried a little ambigram on the word Monkeys. The goal was a relaxed but strong look. The m/ys-combination was fun to create, but the hardest part was to find a nice N/K solution. I think the final ambigram works quiet well.

2 Responses to ““Monkeys””
  1. FionaBurt says:

    This is definitely my favourite. I love the way it’s been executed. Lovely use of colours and shapes, not to mention the obvious ingenuity required to create the ambigram aspect of the design. A monkey certainly didn’t design this. 😉

  2. SLAMBIGRAMS says:

    Thanks for the nice words Fiona. I really appreciate comments like this 😉
    You also have some nice work at your portfolio. The Rosemary Mortimer Logo is a beauty!

    So, thanks for your visit and … cu

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