This one is special. I’m happy to introduce my first slide-ambigram.  A slide-ambigram is built of two copies from the same design. If you slide a copy of your design to the left or right the final word appears – it’s magical!

The inventor of this type of ambigram is Scott Kim, an amazing clever designer of visual puzzles. Scott did a cool slide-ambigram of the name John Maeda, you must take a look at it!!! His work and ideas are really fascinating. Fascinating also was the word for the latest Quick Draw at ambigram.com. Scott motivated me to try my first slide-ambigram on the same word that he took. That’s the best way to explore the process of slide-ambigrams.

I’m really happy with the result. You could see an animated version right here.

2 Responses to ““Fascinating””
  1. Editor says:

    Amazing. Just. So. Cool!

    These are almost code-like in their minimalism. I mean, you could send the unshifted version of the design to someone, and they could look right at it and see… nothing. Give it a little slide, and presto, the entire word appears!

    I wonder if this could be a solution to the CAPTCHA problem. A human could figure out the shifted word, but a computer… not likely.

    We could have solved one of the web’s biggest security problems in our spare time!

  2. SLAMBIGRAMS says:

    Thanks Editor,
    you are right. The funny thing is that you create something, that when it is finished, means nothing, lol.
    Only in combination it makes sense.

    I also thought about the usage of slide-ambigrams, like guerilla-marketing ideas or James Bond movies or a CAPTCHA system. Who knows what the time brings …

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