Well, if you ask someone somewhere in the world about the germans, you often get an reaction like “You mean the NAZIS?!”. Hmm, we all have to deal with our past, but for us germans it is important that everyone knows … Hitler is dead and the NAZIS are destroyed! There still are some crackbrained groups left, but I think there are a lot of countrys who have to deal with that kind of problems. Germany is a place with really nice people – believe me šŸ™‚

The term “Nazis raus” (Nazis out) is well known in germany and often used on shirts, stickers, walls, etc. I did about 20 sketches before I found the final direction and I am very happy with the final Slaaambigram. In your face, Mr. Nazi, hahaaa.

One Response to ““NAZIS RAUS””
  1. Nikita says:

    Beautiful lettering Bjorn!

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