What the hell are SLAMBIGRAMS?

Well, this is a good question when you enter this site for the first time. Slambigrams are slamming ambigrams created by a german based graphicdesigner and webdeveloper. You want to know more? Ok.

My name is Björn and i am in love with design, basketball, music and my girlfriend. But in this article it’s only about design and basketball.

SLAMBIGRAMS is a blog where i could show my designed ambigrams with enough room to shine. The name SLAMBIGRAMS is a fusion of the words slam and ambigrams – unbelievable clever, lol. Here are three definitions that could explain it the explain best way.

>ambigram(s): a typographical design that could be read in more than one way.

to slam: to dunk a basketball through the hoop with great force and artistry.

slambigram(s): words combined into an ambigram with great style and artisty.

Best regards from germany.


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