“Phat Beats”

Phat beats. This is a term that I really like. Cause it is a very subjective term. For me, it means that an instrumental of a hip-hop or drum’n bass track makes you feel something. It makes you groove with the rhythm, sing over a sample or it lets you jump out of your seat … Continue reading

“Mike Patton / Fantomas”

The third mirror-ambigram. Mike Patton / Fantomas. The perfect setting for a great concert with some crazy musicians. I would love to see this as an official tour-poster on day. So, please spread the word 😉 This is my favourite mirror-ambigram so far, because I think it shows the power of symmetry very well. The … Continue reading

“Rock’n Roll”

  I LOVE MUSIC! From blues to soul, from hip-hop to jazz, from hardcore to metal, from electro to drum’n bass. Over the next weeks  i will try some music-oriented SLAMBIGRAMS. At first i tried a new approach on some Rock’n Roll! New?! Yes, because i did a Rock’n Roll Ambigram some months ago. I … Continue reading