“Kick Ass”

Less words, more pics … KICK ASS!

4 Elements – “Erde, Feuer, Wasser, Luft”

  Illuminati. Yeah, another one. I definitly love that mystic topic and I love the ambigrams that John Langdon did for that film. My idea was to build the german version of all Illuminati-ambigrams. The german Illuminati-Logo (Illuminaten) was my first post here at SLAMBIGRAMS and I tried my hands on the four elements for … Continue reading


  Monkeys, i like ’em. For example the three wise monkeys, Michael Jacksons Monkey Bubbles or the 12 monkeys.  Oh, that was a movie – but a great one! I tried a little ambigram on the word Monkeys. The goal was a relaxed but strong look. The m/ys-combination was fun to create, but the hardest … Continue reading

“Rock’n Roll”

  I LOVE MUSIC! From blues to soul, from hip-hop to jazz, from hardcore to metal, from electro to drum’n bass. Over the next weeks  i will try some music-oriented SLAMBIGRAMS. At first i tried a new approach on some Rock’n Roll! New?! Yes, because i did a Rock’n Roll Ambigram some months ago. I … Continue reading

“I am Spartacus” *

  It’s QuickDraw-Time, ambigram.com posted the lasted results for Challenge Nr. 7. This time Ed Xander and Ryan McCourt needed to work on the phrase “I am Spartacus”.  Not so easy, but they had some nice ideas. Inspired by them I tried a little pen-sketch in illustrator and here is the result. You could find … Continue reading