“Sports Brands – Nike, adidas, Puma”


This time i present you guys a series of ambigrams. I did them for the “Brands, Brands, Brands” ACAC. The problem with turning logos into an ambigram is, that you always have to keep it as close to the original look as possible. And most of the famous logos are very clean with a professional attitude what means less creative freedom. So, i tried to convert a set of logos into ambigrams. My set is a set of the most famous sport brands – my big three: Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Nike AmbigramI did a Nike-Ambigram in 2009 and never really liked the result that much. You can see it at my flickr-set. But this time i found a nice and clean solution. I added only horizontal lines and optimized the spacing to bring it as close to the original look as i could.

adidas AmbigramAdidas is the 2nd ambigram and the one that I like the most. The original Adidas logo font uses a very consistent style for the letters and it wasn’t an easy task to find a style and lettertype that fits best for this ambigram.

I had to meld the i and the d together but i like that look. The d shouldn’t look too much like a q when rotated, and i decided to incorporate the three stripes of the Adidas logo into my design and i am really happy with that.

Puma AmbigramPuma is the last of the big three and it was the easiest one. It felt almost like cheating cause it was so easy. I only had to add two parts and all was set and done.

I did some mistakes on my ACAC-Submission, because i didn’t submit the original logos with my ambigrams, but you can take a look at the results of the contest at ambigram.com. A lot of nice logo-ambigrams are waiting for you!

Original Logos

the original logos

2 Responses to ““Sports Brands – Nike, adidas, Puma””
  1. Colin Christie says:

    nice work, Bjorn. I like how you stuck with a similar theme. Too bad they weren’t quite submitted in time. I almost did a Puma design for my second entry, very simple but effective. Not too many ways to go wrong with that one. I also considered Adidas for about two seconds before writing it off in my head as “too difficult,” but you found a cool solution!

  2. slambigrams says:

    Thanks for your comment Colin. You wrote the first comment on this blog 🙂

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