“Derrick Rose” (WIP)

For those of you who follow the NBA this name is nothing new. Derrick Rose is one of the most exciting young players and leading candidate for the MVP-Avard this year. The Chicago Bulls are back.

For the latest ACAC I thought about possible ambigrams and remembered that I didn’t make a basketball related slambigram for a long time. To long! Derrick Rose came to my mind and I tried some sketches on different words. The goal was a mirror-ambigram. If Rose gets the MVP-Award I want to create something strong and proud. A mirror-ambigram would fit perfect.

Another thought was to include my slambigram in a tribal style illustration and I had two ideas in mind.  Derricks head or the Chicago Bulls head. I started to work out different sketches and ideas but I always thought that I had to build a biiig design around this and I decided to take this project on the side and give it a little bit more tim to grow in my mind.

So, here we got the latest designs and sketches. Would be nice if I could get some feedback or ideas to push this to the limits.

Derrick Rose

I like the overall look and feel but there is still some room for improvement. The spacing of the ROSE ambigram isn’t perfect and needs some adjustment and I believe I will redraw the DERRICK ambigram.

Above are some alternative designs with the secondary ambigram. Bulls or Derrick. I chose Derrick at the end.

Later I will implement this into a big tribal layout and I hope I could find more little ambigrams that I could integrate into the design.

2 Responses to ““Derrick Rose” (WIP)”
  1. Diego says:

    I like Derek Rose too and These designs!

  2. Diego says:

    Derrick! Sorry!

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