“Dan Chan Magic”

This is my submission for the latest ACAC. The topic was a special one. Dan Chan, the magic man, was searching for an ambigram for his show.

“For this Ambigram.Com Ambigram Challenge (ACAC), we will be working to develop some outstanding artwork for multitalented magician, juggler, pick-pocket and mind-blowing, award-winning entertainer Dan Chan, the Magic Man.  Dan will be using the final design(s) on products that he intends to give away to his clients.” – ambigram.com

I tried a lot of sketches to find clean solutions for different words. At the end I tried my skills at DanChanMagic and a simple DanChan-Ambigram.

Here you could see some rough alternative designs:

The contest-results are really amazing. Winner was Johan Skylling with a beautfiul illustrated ambigram, but all submissions are really magical 🙂  You could find them right here: http://www.ambigram.com/magic-man-ambigram-results

One Response to ““Dan Chan Magic””
  1. musa666 says:

    damn, its cool, bro..

    like it so much, maybe you like to come to my blog at musa666.wordpress.com
    I am ambigramist too in indonesia 🙂

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