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“Phat Beats”

Phat beats. This is a term that I really like. Cause it is a very subjective term. For me, it means that an instrumental of a hip-hop or drum’n bass track makes you feel something. It makes you groove with the rhythm, sing over a sample or it lets you jump out of your seat … Continue reading


Well, if you ask someone somewhere in the world about the germans, you often get an reaction like “You mean the NAZIS?!”. Hmm, we all have to deal with our past, but for us germans it is important that everyone knows … Hitler is dead and the NAZIS are destroyed! There still are some crackbrained … Continue reading

“Beastie Boys”

Fight For Your Right To Party! We all need to thank the Beastie Boys for this timeless party-track and dozends of albums with great hip hop. I did this ambigram in about two hours, after watching the amazing new video of the BB, if you haven’t saw it … watch it! Damn, this is great!!!


This one was a must! As a german and a fan of the game of basketball I can’t say it loud enough: Diiiirk Nowitzki is THE man. This year a 13-year journey came to an end. Dirk finally got a ring. He wrote his own page of NBA History with a great season and a … Continue reading

“Mike Patton / Fantomas”

The third mirror-ambigram. Mike Patton / Fantomas. The perfect setting for a great concert with some crazy musicians. I would love to see this as an official tour-poster on day. So, please spread the word 😉 This is my favourite mirror-ambigram so far, because I think it shows the power of symmetry very well. The … Continue reading