“the Battle of ambigrams”

This ambigram was a submission for the ACAC-Contest. I tried to come up with an idea for the ambigram-community. The ACAC is very popular within the ambigram-community and it’s always fun to compete with all the other ambigrammists. In some ways the ACAC reminds me of a hip hop freestyle battle. At both, you have … Continue reading

STAY TUNED. Next update: 01.07.

It’s been a long time, since I have left you, without a strong slambigram for you … but better times are coming. On July 1st, I will post several ambigrams I did over the last weeks and months. NBA Playoff-Basketball took my time … GO MAVS, GO DIIIRK!!! … but now I’m ready to step … Continue reading

“Derrick Rose” (WIP)

For those of you who follow the NBA this name is nothing new. Derrick Rose is one of the most exciting young players and leading candidate for the MVP-Avard this year. The Chicago Bulls are back. For the latest ACAC I thought about possible ambigrams and remembered that I didn’t make a basketball related slambigram … Continue reading


There is no winner for this challenge…at least not yet. After putting our heads together, we decided that because of the unique nature & diverse content of this challenge, we would let the ambigram community determine the winner! YOU…the reader of this article…get to decide the winner of this challenge! So without further adieu, we … Continue reading


Wow, I love this. Here is my second slide-ambigram. I tried to find a nice style and I think it works really well. It’s funny, as a designer you are really limited if you work on slide-ambigrams. It feels a little bit more like programming but it is a lot of fun.